TIKE is a unique shop of limited collections of sneakers, unique in the Balkan region. With the opening of the TIKE shop, Belgrade has become the regional capital of sneaker culture. The main seller or sneaker guru makes sure that shopping is an unforgettable experience - a great connoisseur of sneakers, who, along with espresso or cold beer, presents the history of each sneaker to the fans and helps them choose the right one. We offer a limited series of sneakers from the brands Nike, Jordan, Adidas, New Balance, Converse, Asics, Saucony.

TIKE shop is located in the famous Belgrade street Kralja Petra, and not by chance. It is one of the oldest city streets and represents a kind of open-air exhibition of Belgrade architecture. In it, on a stretch of only one kilometer, a mixture of styles is concentrated that is probably impossible to see anywhere in Europe - baroque, academicism, secession, art deco, modernism, oriental style. In addition, all three major religions have their important places: Christian, Jewish and Muslim.

The first bookstore in Belgrade was opened in Kralja Petra Street, a pharmacy and a hotel, the first billiard table was set up, and as the once most important shopping street, the first one was paved with granite cubes. Old Belgrade shoemakers have stationed their shops in that street and to this day, apart from the illuminated advertisements on the facade, they have changed little. TIKE shop combines the aesthetics and history of sneakers, as well as the old craft spirit of Belgrade with the world sneaker culture.

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