My People

My People magazine was founded in February 2008. The magazine was created as an upgrade to the My People radio show that was broadcast on the student BU radio in the period 2004-2006. We wanted to create a magazine that would be a true representative of hip hop culture, follow events and offer interviews that you can't find anywhere else. We wanted to set something that would be a kind of benchmark and foundation for some future generations. Yes, in one place, without Google, you can find a lot of information about domestic hop. Did we succeed? Judge for yourself.

At the very beginning, the whole magazine was staffed by 2 people, today about ten people are engaged around the magazine and we want that number to continue to increase.

We have combined all the news, blogs, radio and video content on the portal. This way you can find out every day about everything you are interested in related to hip hop culture in the region.

The content supply is constantly increasing, so what you see today may be upgraded tomorrow.

Over time, we have developed My People TV, a section where we create content ourselves. My People TV consists of shows such as Interview, Alphabet, First, Audience Pie, My People Live, Chronicles, Behind The Scene, Street Art, Move Art, recordings from Live performances…

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