Where the next begins

We're a local group of ambitious grown up kids with an entertainment network with unparalleled reach across big pop culture categories on the balkans including streetwear and style, food, music, sneakers and sports. *

* This is 99% true, but everyone tries to make that claim... keep scrolling to learn more about what makes RUN BGD the exception.

RUN BGD champions the you the people, brands and new trends you need to know now about, will obsess over next, and we build consumer environment around them.

We’re what a modern entertainment collective with abitious goals.

Our Brands


A meeting place for all our associates, artists, friends and family, where we create a festival with joint energies that best depicts the character of Belgrade.


Founded in 2017, Minus1 has been a go to spot for contemporary fashion & culture. After switching different locations in the heart of Belgrade, we finally found our home close to the city center. An exclusive showroom in a historical building filled with rare vintage & contemporary styles from name brands to restored vintage clothing & furniture. Representing our culture in authentic and real way was and is our number one aime!


RUN BGD is a team of young and ambitious people gathered around the idea to present Belgrade as touristic destination in a little different light, unlike agencies and other organisations.


In addition to our RUN BGD brand, a special part of our concept is to promote local young designers, artists, creators who will have the opportunity to present themselves through us, getting the opportunity to further advance in their work.


Our team has prepared very interesting tours for all our visitors, which will bring our city closer to them, make Belgrade experience the way we locals experience it. From various themed walks around the city during which we will present the culture and history of the city, sports tours that stimulate the adrenaline, a tour of bars and clubs in the city with the best nightlife in the region. And when you get tired, excursions outside the concrete jungle packed for relaxation are waiting for you.

RUN BGD Travel

RUNBGD travel packages are especially intended for people who want to get to know the destination in a different way, more intimate, as couple or with friends, where with a local RUN BGD guide they will have the opportunity to experience what is not possible during classically organized tours. Together with local entrepreneurs who want to participate in the project, we want Belgrade to become and remain an unforgettable experience!


RUN BGD is a team of young and ambitious people gathered around the idea of ​​presenting Belgrade as a tourist destination in a slightly different light. Unlike agencies and other organizations, we want to bring Belgrade closer to the young people of Europe and show them the urban spirit of the city through the night life with quality day and night entertainment in our organization, selected lesser known cultural and artistic events, restaurants, local cuisine, "street food ”, cafes, clubs, shops, etc. Experience Belgrade with the experience of Belgraders - #RUNBGD From year to year, more and more tourists are discovering Belgrade, which is slowly returning to the map of the most interesting cities in Europe. Despite that, there are few online platforms that can offer foreigners in English the entire offer in one place, and that is exactly our main goal. The potential and talent we possess in the worlds of music, art, design and creativity are the main trump cards that we can present to the world together. That is why we invite various local companies, artists and brands to start Belgrade even stronger!


RUNBGD tourist packages are especially intended for people who want to get to know the destination in a different way, more intimately, in pairs or with friends, where with a local guide and RUNBGD Belgraders will have the opportunity to experience what is not possible during classically organized tours. Each basic package with us includes transportation, accommodation and guides, with the possibility of additional content in the form of concerts, sporting events, day trips and tours, as well as other events in Belgrade, which we organize for our clients. The offer will include recommendations for selected restaurants and bars with which we have achieved successful cooperation, and which stand out with quality food, choice of drinks and creative services. Through our offer, we will also recommend the most interesting restaurants and bars with which we have successfully cooperated. Our goal is for guests to feel the local atmosphere, and visit those places that are not marked on all signs in the city, but are carefully selected by locals.


In addition to written reviews and a list of all locations in the city, the easiest way for tourists to find everything they need is a personalized MAP. We are currently working on building a new site where the primary position will be an interactive map with selected and verified information - where the accommodation is, where I can eat, drink, go to the museum, swim, train, play until the morning.


Our plan for the next year is to launch a conceptual space in Belgrade, as such unique in the city, where we would gather both ours and people from abroad interested in culture, art, sports, fashion. The space would include an art gallery, a bar, a shop, an agency with space for work (coworking), sales and exhibition places for young talents, designers and artists. Multifunctionality would be reflected in the fact that individual parts can be easily transformed into a more spacious space suitable for cultural events, gatherings, meetings, workshops or seminars. We are on the way for RUNBGD to become an unavoidable place for the local and international urban community. We want to encourage the promotion of innovative ideas that set Belgrade apart from others as a destination. Our focus will be on domestic creatively designed brands, products, locations, and on everything that fits into the concept of "From Belgrade for Belgrade”.