The idea to maintain this creative hub/agency with local and international freelancers besides the core of the agency which is located local.

With the understanding of the local economical markets and experience as well deep and bright international network we can offer companies willing to invest in Belgrade and Serbia the knowledge and analysis to the Serbian, or more specific, the Belgrader market.

Community Management

Understanding your Community

Community Management is first called Community Understanding. Communities are social structures. With own values, codes, rules and rituals. They always occur when several people commit to a common cause. And that can be a lot: brand community or corporate community. Yes, that's it. These communities have mutual dynamics, which we penetrate and understand thanks to sociological foundation.

The value of community management is therefore measured on the one hand by knowledge and understanding of the communities themselves and on the other hand by setting new impulses in them. To actively and carefully contribute to the growth of communities. Be it for communities that have dedicated themselves to the brand or the company. So for customers or employees.

Influencer integration

Our agency is looking for the most authentic matches. Integrating the fitting influeners to create the best possible results. International, local & hyper-local.

To give this control a hand and a foot, we maintain our own trend database. This is not a hand oracle or a glass ball, but the whole food for our conceptions. Because: Trends are not the fog of the future, but real part of our present. No matter whether mega trends, macro trends or micro trends. This is why RUN BGD taking part of the trendsetting community universe, while others are still reading the coffee grounds.


Spaces for dreams, stories and experiences.

We love big opera. And down to the smallest detail. That's why at RUN BGD we do not just push chairs when premieres are coming up. We create spaces. Places for stories. Places where memories are made. Because these spaces are playgrounds for interaction. Indoor, outdoor, with and without door.

Development of identity-related brands

Brands where customers and employees stick

What do Apple, the Hells Angels and the Buddha have in common? They are all brands that stand for something. You can believe in them or leave them. They love or hate. Although that is certainly difficult with Buddha. In any case, they have what all brands should own: identity. The basis for authenticity and thus for real, true marketing.

Brand follows identity

We think so in the development of brand strategies. Brand Identity and Positioning have no artificiality or 0815 brand values. Everything follows the identity of the company. The brand as an audible, visible and tangible reflection of mission and vision. And once that's done, a brand can be anything - interactive platform, storyteller and community, for customers and employees.