Belgrade has a lot to offer, but it seems as if its not willing to use all of its capacities. Nevertheless, you have many things to do while in Belgrade. You can explore 18 centuries old Kalemegdan Fort, Zemun or Gardoš, enjoy atmosphere in main walking zone Knez Mihailova Street and bohemian quarter Skadarlija, learn something new in Museum of Nikola Tesla or relax in Ada Ciganlija. There are plenty of choices for art, music, sports and culture lovers. You can choose among theaters and cinemas, concerts or all-night fun. If you prefer shopping, you can visit shopping malls or see the other side of Belgrade while buying fresh groceries in some of its green markets. If you want to familiarize with the life of Belgradians, spend time socializing with them in cafes or in city squares. Overall, what ever you do, one thing is sure - you won't be bored at all.