We are a motivated group of young people from Belgrade & Zurich with the focus to show our beautiful city of Belgrade to the world.

Unfortunately in the last 20 years Belgrade wasn’t really a place where people really wanted to discover. Through the political and economical situations Belgrade wasn’t on the map for people to discover and the interaction with the rest of the world wasn’t really given.

Belgrade is packed with talent in music, art, design and creativity but didn’t really get the chance to show it to the wide world, because of the current situation and the lack of hope for a better tomorrow. WE WOULD LIKE TO CHANGE THAT!

RUN BGD is a movement, we’ve put together this concept in order to have a place to gather local and international people interested in Belgrades culture. Exhibitions, BBQs, parties, sport events etc.

We're already organising trips on regular bases from Zurich to Belgrade and back. All the trips are inclusive flight, accommodation & entrance to specific events. We also offer Graffiti, Shopping, Sightseeing & Urban - Tours in and around Belgrade. 

NEXT TRIP: 13. - 15. July 2018



It's time again! RUN BGD TRAVEL is preparing for another trip to our favourite city Belgrade! We are planing a party on one of the famous rafts at the Save river! On top of that our RUN BGD summer collection with a local store will be released! For this occasion we decided to organize the next RUN BGD Weekend!

We'll be taking care of you and all your needs! Flight, accommodation, tour & VIP Party are waiting on you!

FLIGHT - 13. July from Zurich / 15. July from Belgrade

ACCOMMODATION - in one of Belgrades beautiful apartments in the city center

TOUR - Free RUN BGD Tour

VIP PARTY - RUN BGD Party with VIP treatment all night!


Space is limited! First come, first served!

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